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Building the Use.Space brand


Brands. Not sure how they measure this, but apparently we (human beings that is) are exposed to somewhere between 3,000 and 5,000 brands per day. That’s a lot, so it’s no surprise that we only actually recall a hand full of them.

But what makes us remember them? Good experiences, and bad experiences of course. Regular interaction works too, who doesn’t check their smart phone numerous times per hour between waking up and going back to sleep.

Could it also be the brand name itself that means we retain it? After all, ask most people for a list and many of the usual suspects will be on it. Google, Apple, Nike, Tesco, Aldi, Amazon, Netflix, Sky, Ikea, Audi, Costa, Starbucks, McDonalds, they all have logos we instantly recognise, and they all have names we can remember, spell and pronounce.

It’s also no coincidence that most of the brands we retain also have relatively short names, a few have three syllables, but more often than not just two, or even one single syllable. 


The open source media and multiple channels now available to each and everyone one of us make it extremely tempting for brands to go wild, serving up all kinds of ‘brand experiences’, sometimes exciting, sometimes mind-numbing. Instead of ensuring that brands are ‘front of mind’, this often causes all kinds of confusion, and means that brands disappear into a morass of noise and clutter.

Now you see me, now you’re not at all sure who you’ve seen.

In the face of all this noise, being bold and keeping things simple requires real courage and total commitment. Simple is not easy, but it does reap rewards. Fewer letters and fewer syllables mean easier to recall, easier say, easier to spell and easier to talk about. Consistent communication means easier to recognise, easier to engage, easier to understand, easier to recall.

Simplicity creates the foundation for a really good brand experience – clear, human, relevant experiences that cut through the noise, connect with the audience, and stay connected.

Take Use.Space for example…

It’s a brand name for space you can use. Use it to co-work, to network, to collaborate, to connect. Use it as a community, as an event space, as a campus, as a gallery. Use it to enjoy a coffee, to enjoy some green space, to enjoy a great working environment, to share great ideas. Use.Space, use it, simple.

We can pronounce it, we can spell it, we can recall it instantly. It also breaks the rules just a little, I mean come on, who uses a word like ‘use’ as a brand name? And then there’s the nice hint that’s built into it too, the one that allows the audience to make that all-important connection for themselves, and to do so without too much effort. Think of it as the ‘description’, or think of it as the ‘offer’, it works both ways, and it makes you smile while it’s doing so.

Future-proofing a brand also means agility and versatility must be very high on the list of priorities. Simple typography and clean, uncomplicated graphic design mean Use.Space can move easily into new and diverse directions, without any compromise of the brand identity. Take Use.Yoga for example. And relax.

Use.Space tells our brand story, right from the get go.

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