Eman Ismail
We love to support our members here at Use.Space by shining a light on their businesses, their achievements and their latest news. This month we’re pleased – and proud – to be championing Eman Ismail’s guest feature on Interact’s ‘Creator Stories’ Podcast. E.mail conversion strategist and copywriter Eman has been...
It was a bit like that point in a Hollywood movie when a caption appears on screen that says ‘6 months later’. Stood in front of a fully refurbished building there was only the sound of the birds singing, there were no people, there were no cars, there were no...
17 Exercises to Help Prevent Neck and Back Strain at Your Desk
The longer the COVID lockdown has gone on for, the more we’ve become accustomed to our work from home lives. Use.Space have told you how to stay productive at home, and shown you why a greener home office will save the planet as much as your sleeping pattern, but while...
a green home office with plants
Whether your home office is a dedicated space in your house or a secluded nook between rooms, there’s always potential to make it greener. And no, we don’t mean the colour (keep reading, we’ll get to that).  Today we’ll explain how you can transform your home office into a green...
12 Tips For Staying Productive When Working From Home
Over the past few weeks, due to the recent changes in our current climate, many of us have found ourselves adjusting to a new routine of working from home.  We’ve swapped our desks for our kitchen table and our supportive colleagues for our loved ones. There are many benefits to...
how freelancers can use social media to grown their business
The road to going freelance can be confusing – especially in today’s fast-paced market. Thankfully, there are more than a few ways in which prospective freelancers can get ahead. All you need is an internet connection and a smartphone.  In this article, we break down the things you should be...
Thinking about going freelance but feel nervous about ditching your current job? Maybe you’re anxious that the risk is greater than the reward? We’re here to dispel any uncertainty you might be having, and to help set you on the path to unlocking your potential. There are many perceptions surrounding...
A brightly lit work office with three people in. One lady sits at a desk in front of a laptop speaking on the phone as she sips from a mug. The other two ladies are holding documents and walking around the room
It doesn’t take a trained eye to see that the world is becoming increasingly diverse – and what a wonderful sight it is to see. This of course filters into the working world, which has transformed into a psychedelic spectrum of assorted identities. Again, particularly true when it comes to...