Eman Ismail
We love to support our members here at Use.Space by shining a light on their businesses, their achievements and their latest news. This month we’re pleased – and proud – to be championing Eman Ismail’s guest feature on Interact’s ‘Creator Stories’ Podcast. E.mail conversion strategist and copywriter Eman has been...
It was a bit like that point in a Hollywood movie when a caption appears on screen that says ‘6 months later’. Stood in front of a fully refurbished building there was only the sound of the birds singing, there were no people, there were no cars, there were no...
Coworking, coworking space
Coworking spaces can be divided into two types. One sits firmly within the services and facilities industry, the other remains true to the original concept of coworking and is entirely motivated by community, collaboration, partnership and support. Choosing the right space.The importance of community.Partnership and support. Choosing the right space....
Meet Eman. UseResident and owner of InkHouse. Based here at Use.Space, InkHouse provides email conversion strategy and copy for service-based business owners, entrepreneurs and SaaS companies. As a valued member of our coworking community, we were keen to sit down with Eman to learn more about her business and what...
Why coworking words
Providing stimulating spaces that encourage residents to develop and establish their ideas, co-working offers a platform for great minds to mingle, share and thrive. But that’s not all. In this blog we explore five reasons why co-working has boomed over the past few years, as well as the benefits on...
Use Space Event
When Creative Allies’ Director, Pavan Riyat, approached Use.Space back in August to ask whether her company could host an alternative Christmas party in our 5,000 sq ft warehouse, we jumped at the chance to collaborate. Working alongside The Allies, Beautiful Productions, and select partners, the Use.Space team worked like lions,...
We work logo and sunset
At the moment, the core is compromised and the edges are crumbling in the world of WeWork. If you’ve been tuned in to literally any news or social channel these past couple of weeks, you won’t need us ruminating any more on the stepping down of Adam Neumann as CEO,...
Neon wall sign
The demands of the modern workforce are a radical departure from generations passed. You only have to look in the shared kitchen fridge to know that.  Next to the red tops, green tops and blue tops that the traditionalists splash into their instant coffee granules every morning is an array...