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Coworking benefits: the hive and the thrive


When the idea of coworking first came about some years ago, it was heralded as the future of working lives everywhere by those backing its corner. By many, however, it was just a namby-pamby notion of togetherness which was nothing much more than cavernous sentimentality. 

It has taken a fair stretch of time for the true weight behind co-workspaces and the benefits of co-working to be both seen and celebrated by the masses. Sure, we’re biased. Of course we are. That aside, we want to share some pearls of wisdom with the Use.Space community (and beyond) around why this modern way of doing business is, well, the business. 

The Hive

The Hive, otherwise known as Community. 

Coworking is about collaboration, co-creation and human connection. It’s about making me, we. Take the queen bee for instance. She’s majestic and she’s mighty, all in her very own right but without her colony, her chances of survival are limited. 

We all need a network of support to give us a leg up every now and again and coworkspaces foster the exact sense of community and solidarity required. Coworking is also about cross pollination of micro-communities and the unlikely merging of minds which would otherwise have never crossed flight paths. 

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You may have a creative in one corner with a psychedelic imagination and a brim-full of ideas and sitting right next to them, a logistic professional with the rationale and contacts in their locker to bring concept into fruition. When reality bites, these two worlds would (probably have) never collided. Coworkspaces are a breeding ground for this kind of stimulating and dynamic intersectionality.

So, coworking does a bit of destiny’s legwork for her in bringing a versatile array of businesses together like a marvellous mixed bag of marbles. We can now work across industries and across professions, face-to-face, without the dreaded glare of blue-lit technology between us.

The Thrive

Where community and motivation meet is the ideal cross-section. A sweet spot where individuals feel a part of something important and zealously driven to participate and achieve. Here, they have autonomy and both the physical and cultural liberation in which they can share their ideas and express their part to play.

Not only this, coworkspaces also mean that aspiring entrepreneurs and young ventures can now financially afford to take residency in more cosmopolitan areas. The ‘I started my business from my back garden shed’ is a story we’re all familiar with but we may now see this version of rags-to-riches being replaced with ‘I launched my business in a really cool coworking space in the city’.

At least, that’s what we hope.

If you’d like to know more about our coworkspaces in Manchester city centre with free parking, hot desks and private offices, simply send a message straight to the inbox and we’ll be in touch right away.

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