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Five Reasons Why Co-working…Works!


Providing stimulating spaces that encourage residents to develop and establish their ideas, co-working offers a platform for great minds to mingle, share and thrive.

But that’s not all.

In this blog we explore five reasons why co-working has boomed over the past few years, as well as the benefits on offer in dynamic communities like that of Use.Space.

Getting social

One of the most important aspects of co-working is the opportunity it presents to socialise with other like-minded individuals. Mingling with fellow freelancers and start-ups is conducive of a positive atmosphere, and often helps to create a sense of community that encourages people to share ideas and grow as individuals.

A shoulder to lean on

While collaborative environments can often provide a space that allows people to flourish and work to the best of their ability, there are times when residents may feel jaded, fatigued or generally down. In such instances, co-working itself can play a vital role in helping people overcome their woes – whether it’s through emotional support from a neighbouring desk, or professional coaching from an in-house mentor.

Education, education, education

Struggling with self-assessment? Lost when it comes to Lightroom? One of the greatest benefits of co-working is the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills from other residents. This could be consolidating skills in your own chosen field of work, or it could be acquiring a new skill entirely. Great news for anyone that’s looking to go it alone or enhance their CV in 2020.

Expanding networks

When sharing a co-working space, networking becomes a much more enjoyable and organic experience. Not only does this allow residents to build a portfolio of contacts to support and develop their work, it may even result in more bookings and freelance commissions. Ker-ching!

Successful structures

Sure, working from home has its perks: relaxation, comfort, TV -but this doesn’t exactly encourage productivity. In fact, before you know it, you may find that you have watched a full series of Friends before putting pen to paper. This is where the unsung hero of benefits for co-working spaces comes into play: structure. Get up, get in and crack on. It really is that simple.

Try Use.Space for free

Here at Use.Space we are passionate in the belief that co-working provides several intangible benefits, as well of each of the five points mentioned above. Our desks will help you to learn, discover and grow – all within a seven-minute walk of Manchester Piccadilly. So, what are you waiting for?

Try co-working in Manchester City Centre by booking a free day pass with Use.Space today.

Email sam@use.space.com to get yours today.

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