Our story of sustainability


“We hope where we lead, others will follow.” – David Walter, Use.Space Founder

If you’ve got yourself acquainted with Our Culture, you’ll know that Use.Space has heart and soul. At the centre of this whole entire concept is a pulse which thrives off kinship, community, creativity, equality and sustainability. Without all of these vital elements, it would wither.

We will shine the spotlight on each of these pillars over the course of time but in this particular article, we want to share with the world a little insight into our sustainability story – thus far and into the future. We won’t shout it from the rooftops; we’re not ones to brag but our shared eco-sensibility and dedication to nurturing our precious planet is something we’re stupendously proud of already.

Sustainable creative coworking in the heart of Manchester

When Use.Space came to be, we made a promise to do everything within our power to become one of the most sustainable creative co-working campus in the city. It is a promise to our Members, a promise to our community, a promise to Mother Nature and also, a promise to ourselves.

Modern workplaces need to be doing more, so more is what we are doing.

The planet is warmer now than it has been in nearly a million years and if action isn’t taken now, climate change could quickly become completely irreversible. Within the next 10 years, in fact, which is within our lifetimes, our children’s lifetimes, their children’s lifetimes…

How are we going to go about it?

Well, already, the Use.Space coworking spaces are among the most conscious in Manchester. We start as we mean to go on in making sure sustainability is laced into everything we do.

Plant-based disposables

Part of our mission is to make our Cafe single-use plastic free by the year 2021 – within 18 months of launching. This will be a major part of our eco credentials and something we’re already making significant moves towards.

All on-site packaging, cups and cutlery in the Use.Space Cafe are made using natural, plant-based materials and therefore fully compostable. These will be supplied by Vegware, which is also a brand with sustainability and responsibility at its core.

The process of creating these products is low carbon and incorporates the reuse of recycled materials, reducing waste and environmental impact.

So, you can sip your fruit juice with a clean bill of health and an even cleaner conscience.

Co working Greenhouse Office

The benefits of biophilic interior design

You don’t need us to point out the intrinsic connection between human wellbeing and our innate connection to nature. The health of the planet is tightly holding hands with our own physical and mental vitality, which is something we have been precious about nurturing in the design of our coworkspaces.

A walkthrough the Use.Space campus takes you on a biophilic journey of botanic and natural sensory experiences. From the clash of organic tones and a vibrant rainforest rainbow, to the array of plants, vertical gardens and Greenhouse atrium, welcoming the great outdoors in is an integral part of our interior design scheme.

In fact, Use.Space is home to a jungle of more than 600 indoor plants.

A calendar of community events

As our first Members settle into their new home here at Use.Space, we’re busy working away behind the scenes to curate an eclectic calendar of wellbeing and sustainability events within the community. We plan to lead regular litter-picking sessions in the local surrounding area and host trips to the beach to help the plight towards cleaner waters and coastlines. We won’t say too much about that now though, we wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise.

For updates on our sustainability events, keep a close eye on our Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages.

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