Meet #UseResident Eman Ismail


Meet Eman. UseResident and owner of InkHouse.

Based here at Use.Space, InkHouse provides email conversion strategy and copy for service-based business owners, entrepreneurs and SaaS companies.

As a valued member of our coworking community, we were keen to sit down with Eman to learn more about her business and what made her take the leap from freelance cafe-crawler, to full time #UseResident.

Hi Eman. What can you tell us about your work?

I am an email conversion strategist and copywriter, which means that I write conversion boosting emails and sales pages for businesses that need a little help selling their products and services.

How did you get into that line of work?

I’ve always loved writing but didn’t know that I could actually get paid to write until someone offered me some money to write their blog posts. That’s when I discovered that there was this thing called copywriting.

So I started freelancing for a little bit but decided that I wanted some structure and that I wanted to learn and grow with other teams. This led me to working at a charity – growing their comms department for a while.

After a while though, I soon discovered that it was purely writing that I wanted to do, so I stripped away everything else and focussed on just the writing side of things. That’s when I started InkHouse.

What made you want to try coworking?

Having started out working in someone’s basement office, I soon began to feel isolated and chose instead to work from home a little more. After a while I started cafe hopping because I missed being around people, but then even this stopped working out due to a lack of structure in my day.

I found waking up each morning and not knowing where I was going to be working that day difficult, and felt a little bit like a nomad  – with no proper office to call my own.

That’s when I decided to invest in a coworking space.

How have you found working at Use.Space?

I love working in Use.Space – just waking up each morning and knowing that I have somewhere to go with a dedicated space for me to work is great.

The people here are so nice and it’s great to know that I can stop work at anytime and have a chat or have lunch with someone in the cafe. And there are so many rooms here! I often just move through them during the day so I never get bored.

The environment is stunning, it’s inspiring to work here – and as a creative who’s constantly at their laptop, trying to come up with ideas, that’s really important.

Any advice for someone that might be thinking of going freelance?

My advice to anyone that might be feeling trapped in their full time job and wants to become a freelancer is to find a mentor, or someone you can look up, and follow what it is that they do.

Follow their website, social media and work – follow their career and see what it is that they do. Maybe even get in touch with them to see if they’ve got any advice to give, because a lot of time people are often really willing to share their story.

I’d also suggest investing in a mentor. I really don’t think there’s anything more worthy of your time, money and energy than doing this – if you can afford it.

If you can’t – and I know I couldn’t when I first started out – then just choosing someone to follow is a really good start.

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