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Use.Space Facebook Live Sessions. Hearing from the experts – series one.


As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting and developing businesses, our network, and of course our members, we’ve been partnering with specialists in their fields to deliver a series of Facebook Live Sessions covering a wide range of topics.

Here we bring together a selection of the presenters who shared their time, their knowledge and their latest thinking, and took part in a Q&A post each session. If you’d like to see the full series follow this link to the Use Space Facebook page.

We never stop learning, and one of the best ways to learn is to listen to someone who can talk passionately and expertly on their subject. We thank all of our presenters, and we look forward to the next series, beginning in September.

Dr. Lisa-Anne Chung.

Leadership strategy coach and consultant, Dr Lisa-Anne Chung of Kenley College, presented in her own unique style on how to increase management capacity in leadership.

Michael Henderson.

We heard from Risk Box director and Bulletproof Agency Network co-founder Michael Henderson, about getting to grips with all things insurance in a post pandemic world.

Insurance and COVID

Posted by Use.Space on Friday, 10 July 2020

Dr. Patsy Perry.

Seen on the BBC and CNN, heard on BBC Radio and read in The Telegraph, The Independent and The Observer, Dr Patsy Perry discussed the environmental impact of fashion.

Dr Patsy Perry of The University of Manchester discussing fashion and sustainability

Posted by Use.Space on Friday, 22 May 2020

Dan McNicholas.

Outlining five approaches to help finding a new perspective, Dan McNicholas of business and culture coaching team 4and20million, talked about building resilience in order to build back better.

Boosting Resilience with 4and20million

Dan from 4and20million shares 5 ways to build resilience in challenging circumstances.

Posted by Use.Space on Friday, 29 May 2020

Kathryn Bishop.

Foresight Editor at global trends intelligence platform, LS:N Global, Kathryn Bishop, explained how hindsight, insight and foresight are three key stages in the science of trends forecasting.

Afdhel Aziz.

Co-founder of the movement, and co-author of the book, ‘Good Is The New Cool’, Afdhel Aziz, shared his presentation on the power of purpose, and how brands and business can become a force for good.

The Power of Purpose

Introducing the latest keynote from Good Is The New Cool co-author, Afdhel Aziz. A true leader and international speaker, we're super excited to share with you Afdhel's thoughts on 'The Power of Purpose', and can't wait to team up in the future to ensure that we, as a business, build back better post COVID-19 🌍

Posted by Use.Space on Friday, 15 May 2020

We have more Facebook Live Sessions planned for the near future. If you give our page a like you’ll get a notification whenever we go live.