How Eman Ismail built a copywriting business to create the lifestyle she wanted.

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Eman Ismail

We love to support our members here at Use.Space by shining a light on their businesses, their achievements and their latest news. This month we’re pleased – and proud – to be championing Eman Ismail’s guest feature on Interact’s ‘Creator Stories’ Podcast.

E.mail conversion strategist and copywriter Eman has been a member here at Use.Space for over 8 months, after successfully launching her own business, Ink House.

In the podcast, Eman shares her inspirational journey – from working 12 hour days to returning home to find her 2 year old son already asleep, she felt deeply unsatisfied with her work-life balance. So she decided to do something about it.

Eman made the bold decision to quit the grind and become her own boss. The decision has proved to be a win win, as managing her own schedule now means that she can both support herself and be present in her son’s life.

‘I had no savings, no backup plan, no backup job, just this really burning desire to just be in charge of my own life, be in charge of my own time and my own calendar, and to be able to be the parent that I wanted to be – the way I wanted to be.’

Eman Ismail, Ink House.

You can learn more about Eman’s amazing journey by listening to episode on the Interact podcast.

Interact provide innovative solutions to online marketers looking to quickly and easily help their site visitors understand their unique businesses proposition. Their wide portfolio includes an industry-renowned quiz builder platform.

Watch out for more news of our members in our next Use.Community feature.


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