How to Build the Right Network – presented by Ilona Alcock of Elevate GM

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Building the right network

Here at Use.Space we’re extremely pleased to announce that we’ve partnered with Elevate GM to deliver three highly valuable presentations for you as part of our Use.Smart platform.

Specialists in raising the visibility of high-performing individuals and organisations, Elevate GM will be presenting on the following three important topics, each one designed to help grow your network, raise your profile, and open up new opportunities.

  • Building Your Network
  • Personal Branding
  • Public Speaking


Your network is your net worth and we begin the series with ‘How to Build the Right Network’. How can you build the most effective one? This presentation covers the following areas in helping you build yours.

  • Learn how to work the room
  • Build and manage an effective network
  • Become known for adding value to others


Our presenter is Ilona Alcock, and Ilona moved to the North West in 2015 knowing one person in Manchester. She now has an incredible network of supportive people in a wide range of industries. How did that happen?

Ilona Alcock, Elevate GM

In this presentation, Ilona will share the key lessons she’s learned about networking throughout her career. This includes making the most of physical events, social media, tracking contacts and strategic management. We will also consider ways to establish if you’re building the right network, how to fill the gaps and, perhaps most importantly, how you can offer value to your contacts.

Watch out for the next presentation from Elevate GM coming soon to our blog.

If you would like to know more about our Use.Smart platform, or have expertise you would like to contribute, give us a call on 0161 546 0544 or get in touch at Use.Space


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