Guests at the Panel Q&A
If you missed our latest breakfast event, then you missed out on more than just a croissant (…or two!) Held in the versatile and leafy Use.Space café, guests were given the opportunity to network over coffee and pastries before taking their seats in the unique self-contained event space. Our host, Paul...
An Apple iMac on a table with a keyboard and mouse
Blogs are one of the most useful tools you can use for your business. Not only can they help you to increase your business’ online presence, but they can also build brand awareness and allow you to position yourself as an industry expert.  Additionally, blogging is a free and easy...
A person holding their head with their hands against a multi-coloured background.
Creative block. Writer’s block. Memory blip. Call it what you like, almost every creative has experienced it. Creativity can be affected by a variety of factors. We get it… The productive process is hard. Here at Use.Space, we believe the rate of creativity and productivity is heavily influenced by the...
Put simply, branding is what differentiates your company or product from its competitors. With a market already heavily saturated and filling up by the day, it’s never been more important to make your mark and create a lasting impression that will make customers want to come back to you. Without...
Eleanor Trimble in Use Space
In the very first of our Member spotlight posts, we catch up with Dr Eleanor Trimble of behavioural insights brand, Nudge. We talk her favourite things about Use.Space, representation of women in science and cheese & Marmite sandwiches. Tell us more about Nudge Insights and why you started it: Nudge...
Use Space Reception
…and we have lift off! This week, we finally opened our doors to movers and shakers from the Manchester creative, education and business growth sectors for the official launch of Use.Space. We cut the (metaphorical) ribbon by welcoming businesses, start-ups, entrepreneurs, students and freelancers from across the North West region...
“We hope where we lead, others will follow.” – David Walter, Use.Space Founder If you’ve got yourself acquainted with Our Culture, you’ll know that Use.Space has heart and soul. At the centre of this whole entire concept is a pulse which thrives off kinship, community, creativity, equality and sustainability. Without...
Neon wall sign
The demands of the modern workforce are a radical departure from generations passed. You only have to look in the shared kitchen fridge to know that.  Next to the red tops, green tops and blue tops that the traditionalists splash into their instant coffee granules every morning is an array...