The Future of Work – in discussion with Adam Recruitment and My2be

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The Future of Work

Working with spaces and people day in day out, it’s essential for us to have our finger on the pulse of what’s happening around how workforces are adapting to a changing world – and let’s face it, it has changed significantly in this last year.

Recently, we relished the opportunity to speak with Adam Recruitment and My2be about their latest whitepaper that focuses on ‘The Future of Work’ to share our insights and show why it is more important than ever to focus on supporting collaboration and entrepreneurship. Not to give too much away.

Developing this approach to collaborative working even further has lead to the launch of our latest Use.Space initiative, our Intensive Incubator Programme. Designed to uniquely support SMEs and Start-ups in a number of areas including investment, branding, marketing and more. Applications are still open.

Catch our chat with Richard and Adam and hear more about how we see the future of work.



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