Use.Space joins ‘Good Is The New Cool’ Community and supports the GoodCon Europe Festival 2021

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GoodCon Europe

Co-founded by Afdhel Aziz and Bobby Jones, ‘GOOD IS THE NEW COOL’ connects and serves a global movement of world-changing entrepreneurs, creators and innovators using business and culture as forces for good.

Sharing inspiring stories across books, films, and podcasts that show people how to use their talents and resources to create a better world, GOOD IS THE NEW COOL also create physical, digital, and virtual experiences to help leaders learn how to implement bold creative actions that lead to real social change.

Afdhel Aziz & Bobby Jones, founders of ‘Good Is The New Cool’

Hosted throughout the year by Afdhel and Bobby, GOODCon is a series of global festivals for good, celebrating the most inspiring purpose-led ideas and innovations from around the world. The March 25th event shines a light on the fantastic work coming from progressive brands, game-changing start-ups, and ground-breaking social enterprises from the UK, Sweden, Germany, France, Austria, and more from Europe – as well as global leaders from the USA.

Join the event for free and get inspired by some of the most passionate and purpose-driven people in business and culture, and learn how to implement innovative, creative actions to lead to impactful social change.

Speakers include Chris Thaller, Austria based Head of Creative Projects at Adidas Runtastic, Yael Wissner-Levy, Tel-Aviv based VP Communications at Lemonade, Martin Johnston, Founder of Amsterdam based Crafted Society, Georgina Wilson-Powell, Founder and Editor in Chief at Pebble magazine, and Brad Hiranga, CBO for North America at General Mills.

GoodCon Europe – speakers from across Europe and the US

Use.Space will also feature on a panel, alongside Eat Well Mcr, Hubbub and ONEOFTHE8, looking at business as a force for good, why Manchester is a hub for social impact, how so many people are changing their behaviours for good, and the power of sharing positive stories.

The panel will be available via the event website.

Engage in meaningful dialogue with global leaders in business and culture and learn how to implement bold creative actions to lead to real social change. Sign up for your free registration to the GoodCon Europe event here.


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