Use. is more than simply desk space - it is collaboration, co-creation, innovation, information, learning, sharing, investment, growth, inclusivity, diversity, development and support

Driven by entrepreneurial spirit, empowered by shared knowledge and collaboration, Use. is a movement, a co-working community, a hub of information, a centre of learning and a start-up business network with creativity, sustainability and disruptive innovation at its heart.


Be part of a dynamic, biophilic and innovative co-working environment created for individuals, start-up businesses and SME’s seeking flexible space, collaboration and community.

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Access insight, expertise, resources and solutions for brands, businesses and organisations driven by a desire to make positive change and create a better and more sustainable future.

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Benefit from masterclasses and workshops delivered by a network of experts sharing smart learnings, experience and specialist knowledge on a wide range of industry topics.


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Get expert guidance, business support and funding for your ideas stage and early stage start-up, given by business mentors, investors, marketers and branding specialists.


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