Hello, welcome to Use.Space

The Manchester co-working space with real community at its heart.


Be part of a dynamic, biophilic and innovative co-working environment created for individuals, start-up businesses and SME’s seeking flexible space, inspiration, collaboration and community.


Committed to creating a space and culture as unique as you are, Use.Space provides a creative hub to inspire and support you and your growing business, with memberships designed to match your individual needs.


More than simply desk space – Use.Space is a hub for collaboration, co-creation, innovation, information, learning, sharing, investment, growth, inclusivity, diversity, community, networking and support.


The most extraordinary ideas come from a merging of minds, and for this creative reaction to catalyse, the right environment is required - this is where Use.Space comes in, a space where optimists can flourish.

Supporting ambitious start-ups and SME’s with everything from specialist resources, business mentors and advisors, as well as the opportunity to build meaningful and productive networks.


As well as space for co-working and collaborating, we’ve created a space for learning and networking, where members and visitors can listen to talks, attend presentations, meet the experts and benefit from their know-how.

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