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We’re here to help.

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You’re at that point where you would usually jump up and go ask someone what they think, or whether they could help you with something.

‘Hey, how can I do…?

What’s the best way to approach…?

What can I do about…?

What do you think of…?’

But wait, you can’t, because we are all in lockdown, right?

Well think again. Locked-down we may quite rightly be, but we’re still right here next to you. On your screen, on your mobile, we’re good to go and we’re ready to help.

Starting Friday April 10th at 12.30pm, one of our Use. experts will be live on Facebook and ready to answer any questions you may have relating to their particular subject.

First up is brand building specialist and Use.Space Strategic Director, John Whalley.

John will be available to answer any questions you send us in advance, and to share tips and advice on what you should be doing to maximise the power of your brand and tell your brand story.

In the coming weeks we will follow on with help on creating and publishing content, advice on looking after your P&L, connecting a co-working community, using the power of design, and taking your start-up business to the next stage.

We can’t wait for the return of sharing our know-how over a coffee, but until then we’ll be there for you on Facebook Live every Friday at 12:30pm from April 10th.

To join, make sure you’ve liked Use.Space on Facebook by clicking the thumbs-up button on this page.

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