Naming Your Brand
Your brand name is the first, fastest and easiest way that people find you, it’s their primary point of navigation, their wayfinder, their point of reference. If chosen well, your brand name can also be the shortest form of your brand’s story, with a great brand name conveying difference, personality...
WeMindTheGap Manchester WeGrow Quiz Night
Social mobility charity WeMindTheGap has been running their WeGrow programme in Manchester for the past three years, providing new opportunities for young people in the area to change their futures. Offering new opportunities in life and work for young people who deserve better, filling the gaps in their lives with...
Eco-friendly, environment, sustainability
Reducing your carbon footprint is more than just the occasional positive action. To make a genuine difference, you need to change your life’s daily rituals and habits. Therefore, rather than just making the occasional greener choice, you need to commit to behaviour that is kinder to the environment and, in...
Taking action on climate change, it’s #InOurNature.   In Our Nature is an exciting new programme to help people across Manchester be part of creating a greener, healthier and more connected city. Whether you’re an individual, community group or business, there’s lots of ways you can get involved. Want to live more...
The next step for your start-up business
You’re the ambitious founder of an exciting start-up business. You’ve recognised an opportunity, a gap in the market, a problem you can help solve. You’re committed to making your start-up an unqualified success. You want to smash it out there. So, what now? What’s your next step? Seek funding? Build...
GoodCon Europe
Co-founded by Afdhel Aziz and Bobby Jones, ‘GOOD IS THE NEW COOL’ connects and serves a global movement of world-changing entrepreneurs, creators and innovators using business and culture as forces for good. Sharing inspiring stories across books, films, and podcasts that show people how to use their talents and resources...
Brand Storytelling.
As someone who works with brands to develop strategy, define positioning, create identity systems, develop tone of voice, tell their brand stories…whoa…wait a minute now… …I was about to carry on, but I sense you may just have rolled your eyes. Brand stories!? What’s all that about? You’ve got your...
Public speaking
Here at Use.Space we’re extremely pleased to continue our partnership with Elevate GM to deliver the second of three highly valuable presentations for you as part of our Use.Smart platform. Specialists in raising the visibility of high-performing individuals and organisations, Elevate GM are presenting on the following three important topics,...